More cut content from The Wind Waker surfaces

Ah, Wind Waker. Its infamously dropped dungeons due to time constraints faced by Nintendo EAD make Wii U’s Wind Waker HD an exciting proposition.

But even if those don’t receive a home in remake-land, there’s a good chance the following (as featured in Zelda concept-art tome, Hyrule Historia) might: GC Island and Stovepipe Island.

The former’s fairly interesting because the idea of a GameCube-shaped island wasn’t entirely scrapped: sequel Phantom Hourglass’s seas contained Dee Ess Island, home of a Goron minigame.

Perhaps Nintendo won’t be bringing us consoles-floating-in-the-water in HD with We You Island, then.

Stovepipe Island is a bit more exciting and substantial, surrounded by hazardous pools of magma – with its entrance point likely requiring careful navigation with the floaty-floaty Deku Leaf, one of our favourite Wind Waker items.

Though again it seems the idea wasn’t entirely lost, its structure and entry point reminding us a little of the Mogma’s home at Eldin Volcano in Skyward Sword, but it seems different enough for us to want to welcome it into Wind Waker’s new HD seas.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Nintendo will bring back lost content – so far only gameplay improvements have been promised – but we can still hope, right?