Wii U Activity Log beamed online to Miiverse community

A lot of us are fond of 3DS’s Activity Log – which collects every single gaming habit and regurgitates it as tasty statistics. Apparently we’ve spent 40 hours on the Friends List. Oh, and we deleted our log entry for Asphalt 3D.

This led a few of us to wish for it to be synced online – across all of our 3DS consoles. Or even as part of our online profiles on Wii U, allowing us to snoop at each other’s gaming activity.

It could take comparing achievements to a whole new level. ‘You played Asphalt 3D for how long?’

With Wii U, Nintendo have granted our wishes. According to the latest Iwata Asks which focuses on Miiverse, the following was revealed by Mr. Iwata himself:

“Miiverse is a service integrated into the game console itself, so if players can check each other’s play histories, they can interact on that basis.”

Brilliant, just brilliant. This obviously ties in nicely with Miiverse new friending system, allowing players to find others who share similar interests – which would clearly become more useful once Wii U’s library of games matures to feature more niche genres (one could easily identify a fellow Tales of fan, for example.

The question is how much of our activities will be displayed? We’d love it if our profiles showed as much as 3DS’s activity log tells us (the horror!), but we could well just see our most recently played games. If it is the former, we assume Nintendo will give us a little privacy slider to play about with.