What is Skill Club?

Gaming has become horribly blink and you’ll miss it. A lot of ‘game journalism’ outlets are keen to focus on The Next Big Thing meaning that once a game is on the shelf they’re already hyping what you should be looking forward to next, no matter how outstanding yesterday’s new release was.

This is wrong.

Skill Club is Nintendo Nation’s key initiative to help you get more from the great games that you buy, and we will achieve this in two ways. One – by asking you to push yourself far beyond a game’s standard limits. And two – asking you to tackle a game in a unique or unorthodox manner. There is one rule in us setting a challenge, and that is the completion of the task by the Nintendo Nation staff-er that comes up with it, just so you know that it’s actually possible.

There’s not much more to say on the matter really, aside from the warning that these challenges will rarely be for the slow of thumb or dim of vim*. We designed these challenges while watching Rocky training montages back to back, they’re very motivational.  So, if you think you’ve got it in you then we have a lovely list of challenges and, should you own the game (which you really should, they’re all rather good), you can give the challenge a shot right now.

Beat a challenge and what do you get? Site wide recognition. Your success will be shown on the challenge’s page and you’ll also enter into the grand leaderboard where your total challenges beaten is your score. Climb the leaderboard and, who knows, there may be prizes down the road…

And that’s that. Take a look around but most importantly, good luck!

-Nintendo Nation


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*Oh and also – Nintendo Nation takes no responsibility for loss of sanity or breaking of pads during the attempt of these challenges. They’re fun, but they are hard – don’t lose your head over them.