UK retailers slap on Wii mini pricetag

Following yesterday’s announcement that Nintendo’s austere Wii mini hardware revision would be making the journey over to the United Kingdom, some UK retailers have begun to attach a price tag.

First up is shopto with £85, a reduction from a guided RRP (we suspect this is what retailers have agreed on following Nintendo’s announcement of a trade price).

Amazon UK follow on from this naming a price of £104 (update: now £80) for Nintendo’s red bento box.

This is steep for what is essentially a stripped back, cut down version of the adorable little white box Nintendo released to the world in 2006.

Cheaply built (hello cheap plastics! Goodbye slot loading disc drive!), lacking online, component and external storage functionality, Wii mini is quite a depressing way for Nintendo to end Wii’s lifespan. The system deserves better than this.

Perhaps this is all a sign of the times, particularly how badly the strong yen must be affecting Nintendo.

But Wii mini stands as a poor value proposition in a country with a competitive retail environment. For example, we spotted a Mario Kart Wii bundle in supermarket Morrisons going for £75 recently, complete with an original vertical standing Wii model, Remote Plus as well as the aforementioned game and Wii Wheel.

The genuine worry is that Wii mini – launching at the end of next month – could also confuse consumers. Like Wii U, its name also includes a suffix, leading to further brand confusion as to whether Wii U is a next generation console or a variation on the existing Wii.

  • Anastasios Kyriacou

    I feel like I’m the only one who likes the new design; obviously it really sucks that they took out the wifi, Gamecube ports, sd card and component connections and bits, but aesthetically I kinda love it and I’d happily get one for around £60. It helps that red & black are pretty much my two favourite colours, I imported a red & black ds lite from Australia coz they were never released in Europe.

    • James B

      It’s just the lack of functionality that is taking the pee. No online? No Gamecube support? I can almost see an argument for those, almost, but no component cable support? That makes less sense than a chocolate kettle.