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Luigi’s Mansion 2 Review

Luigi is a bit like David Bowie, really. Lanky, unpredictable, looks good with feathered hair. Therefore it’s unsurprising, given the clear cosmic connection the two share, that both are releasing long-overdue comebacks this year, 2013. The year of The Odd Ones.


Scribblenauts Unlimited Delayed in Europe

5th Cell’s latest word-em-up, Scribblenauts Unlimited, has been delayed in Europe following realisations that “… some changes need to be implemented within the game before we launch … across Europe.”


Europe, Starters, and Graphical Concerns – Pokémon X and Y Revealed!

A pair of new Pokémon games and a new David Bowie single on the same day? That’s certainly a morning worth waking up for. While we’re not at liberty to discuss one ageing phenomenon on this site we’re certainly within our limits pouring over the other. The other being Pokémon. Sorry.

pix3d banner

Pix3d Review

Pix3d touches down on eShop! Its gentle nod to an age gone by will certainly put a smile on your face and is at heart a fantastic little puzzler.


Sunday Silly – Ninten-Movember

It’s November and, for all males of the species old enough to have active hair follicles under their noses, that means it’s Movember! Yahoo! …


Pokémon White 2/Black 2 Review

“Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are narratively anaemic, instead they are frighteningly focused in their desire to satisfy the trainers who will play for 600 hours while simultaneously encouraging everyone else into taking that big massive bite out of the game and discovering just how deep the Poké hole goes.