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Monday Music – Contra/Probotector Base Bass Cover

Posted by Villevn, a prolific YouTubber blessed with a visage that bears a striking resemblance to pig named incredi-actor Kevin Bacon, the video won’t fail to raise a smile on the face of anyone that spent hours trying to conquer Konami’s side scrolling 80′s bullet fest.


Cover Story – Five Snug and ‘Fashionable’ 3DS Cases

Ever looked at your 3DS and thought ‘you look cold’? If you have, you might be mentally unhinged. But we’re not the sort to judge here at Nintendo Nation so instead we shall acknowledge your concern for your 3DS’ well being and suggest a selection of handmade 3DS cases to ensure your handheld is kept comfortable in these winter months…


The Cutest Pokémon Toys You’ll Ever See

We like us a cute little Pokémon toy but these creations from GeekyCuteCrotchet – a highly accurate name if ever we read one – are some of the sweetest darn creations you’ll ever clap eyes on. Ever.