Synthetic Orchestra’s Banjo Kazooie Symphony Available Now

Blake Robinson, known on YouTube as Dummeh or The Synthetic Orchestra, has released another barrage of listen-able gold in the form of his Banjo Kazooie Symphony album.

The album pays tribute to Grant Kirkhope’s original work on the N64 classic while incorporating Blake’s typical orchestral flair – The choir does indeed sneak its way in. Considering Robinson’s usual bent towards the Elfman-like umpahs, the Banjo soundtrack is truly a natural fit for this mad musical scientist.

This is the Synthetic Orchestra’s second game specific project. The last was based on Super Metroid, and was equally wonderful.

As with that album the whole thing has been released on the Joypad Records label and is available from iTunes here or have a listen on Blake’s Loudr page.

We’ll have a full album review up at the start of next week but if you’re considering grabbing the album at all then just do it. A preliminary listen proves to be nostalgically intoxicating; the album perfectly captures the lightly twisted tone of its source with all the modern benefits that a full library of orchestral samples can bring. The very first note was a little curious, admittedly, but every remaining track of the 30 song long album instantly knocked us back 15 years.

From the tonal croaks of Bubblegloop to Click Clocks chirpy melodies, it’s all presented with such quality that you’ll want to surgically implant the album into the original game for a replay, and that’s the highest praise a tribute album of this ilk can surely be given.

Blake has featured on Nintendo-Nation in the past, appearing in numerous Monday Music slots. We also threw some questions at him last year that he kindly answered for our interview with the Synthetic Orchestra.

If you’re interested in hearing some sneaky peaks, or just checking out Blake’s catalogue in full, hit up his Sound Cloud here. We’ve also posted the preview to whet your, and our, appetite. Roll on March 19th.