Sunday Silly – Ninten-Movember

It’s November and, for all males of the species old enough to have active hair follicles under their noses, that means it’s Movember! Yahoo!

Movember, for those who don’t know, is a movement that asks men to grow a moustache throughout the course of November and raise money for important men’s health charities in the process. No beards though, only the hair that grows under the nose is allowed.

While Nintendo Nation President (self appointed) James B is currently rocking a face of fuzz, one he appears somewhat reluctant to remove, other members of team Nintendo Nation are much more presentable and thus, should be growing moustaches. In fact it may become site policy to have some sort of gentleman’s fur…

Anywho, to celebrate the act of Movember we have had a think about what some of Nintendo’s fur-less males would look like, should they choose to join in with the month’s festivities. Our results are below! Oh, and feel free to submit your own!

Stunning! Marvellous! Moustach-eriffic! Let us not lose sight of why we have posted this, mind. Movember is a movement that raises a lot of money for a lot of good causes so check out the Movember website and see if there is anyone you can sponser.

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