Seminal Metroid Fan Album Number 2 – Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run – Releasing Soon!, creators of last year’s Harmony of a Hunter album, have released the final preview of Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run alongside a tentative release date of November in order to mark the tenth anniversary of Metroid Prime.

That at least means we only have to wait another a maximum of another seventeen days, good news!

We previously covered the album in one of our Monday Morning Music slots, you can peruse the original article (which includes the album’s first previews) over here. In short we lavished praise on the work of the Shinesparkers team, highlighting in particular the album’s bent towards the Metroid series’ more overlooked compositions.

That’s ultimately what makes Harmony of a Hunter 101% such a beautiful fan project, its dedication and love for the franchise in all aspects. From the tracks themselves – covering the entire series in an eclectic bombardment of styles – to the commissioned cover art the album screams ‘franchise adoration’ from every angle you examine it.

Everything has been considered, everything is beautiful, and everything is free! That’s right, a Metroid fan-gasm with no compare and it’s all yours for the handsome sum of zero pounds and no pence. We’re sure Samus would give it the thumbs up (and then proceed to have the gesture picked apart and argued over by fans for years to come).

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