Rayman Legends Challenge App Week 1

So the Rayman Legends Challenge App launched last week. Our sedative after Ubi got all worried and held back the limbless wonder from Wii U owners’ hungry hands simply so they could release it on every other platform as well. Did it work?

Like a charm.

The challenge app is a thing of beauty. It comes with the three previous demo levels, granted, but the challenge mode is the centrepiece  Every day two new challenges are uploaded while there are two ‘weekly’ challenges that last seven days alongside them. Players then take to the challenges and awards – bronze, silver, gold and diamond trophies – are awarded at the end of the day, just in time for the new challenge.

Here’s the brilliant bit though, here’s the bit that makes your eyes widen and your mouth utter ‘that’s good’. The parameters for the medals are set by the players, and by how many players play. The top percentage get diamond, but that top percent gets better as the players work things out over the day.

“That’s good.”

So yeah, even ignoring the near perfect physics engine and wonderful Gamepad play that proves stylus’ dominance over finger, Rayman Legends is a smart, online-savvy treat. And we get a great big taster from now until the game is out. Oh yes, it worked alright.

Below are the Nintendo Nation attempts at the first week’s challenges. Enjoy!