Power Gloves – five Nintendo hand warmers to fight the impending chill

Brr, winter is approaching. Not that that’s all bad, it does give us an excellent excuse for sitting in with the heating up, playing huge RPGs to see off the long nights. But there will be times when one needs to venture out into the uncompromising, chilly wilderness.

Not to worry though, Nintendo fans are here, as always, to provide you with winter appropriate knitwear with which to keep your digits warm whenever to leave the house. This minimises downtime on return to the house as well, with less time spent warming ‘em up.

1. Super Mario Inspired Fingerless Gloves

There’s something about these gloves that says ‘metal’ to us. It could be the red, it could be the black, it could be the M. Regardless, these gloves do a good job of saying ‘I like Mario’ while also saying ‘and possibly Metallica’. To the unaware, however, the abundance of ?’s might just make you seem confused.
Source: Etsy ($50.00(!)) 

2. Pokéball Knitted Fingerless Gloves

Gotta warm-em all. Although you don’t, apparently, what with these gloves letting the individual fingers run free, thus undermining that wonderful Poké-pun. Curse you fashion!
Source: Etsy ($9.00) 

3. Classic Gameboy Fingerless Gloves

Honestly, what is it with fingerless gloves? Sure, Aragorn wears them and he’s a dude, but Madonna frequently sports them and so does Jiminy Crickett at the start of Pinocchio, when he’s poor. Are they a sign of the hip, rough and ready sort, or the sign of someone who just can’t afford enough wool? Regardless, these Gameboy mitts are quite snazzy.
Source: NintendoLife (user submittion, not for sale) 

4. Zelda set of Gloves

These Triforce emblazoned finger sheaths get a big thumbs up for actually being full gloves instead of the ‘hip’ but far less effective fingerless variety. Not the most creative mittens ever devised but at least the Triforce is impossible to mistake. While your hands are by your side at least, bring them up and it flips upside-down. Is that disrespectful?
Source: Etsy ($6.00) 

5. Chain Chomp Bath Glove

Ok so it’s a bath glove, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it outside. It covers your entire hand and has to added ‘benefit’ of making you look like some mutant pincer handed crab man. Buy two and then use your hand mouths to terrorize/confuse the bus stop locals! You’ll have to make the barking sounds yourself mind.
Source: Etsy ($15.00 for one)

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