Play it again, London – Second game album from London Philharmonic features Ninty love.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra is set to release a second album of video game music on November 6th that includes some noteworthy Nintendo entries in its track list.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’s Dragon Roost Island features alongside Luigi’s Mansion’s theme, and the curiously titled ‘symphonic poem’ for Metroid.

The album also includes musical suites for Street Fighter II, Castlevania, and Sonic, the main theme for Chrono Trigger, and the best Bond theme ever written in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Then there’s a bunch of sounds that have featured prominently on Other Formats as well.

This album lands a year after The London Philharmonic’s first foray into games that featured a full Zelda suite as well as a rousing rendition of Super Mario Galaxy’s Gusty Gusty Gardens.

Anyone with half an interest in game music should get this on order now. You can hear samples from all the tracks on the album’s Amazon listing here. The full track list follows, as well as a sample from last year’s album.

1. Assassin’s Creed – Revelations: Main Theme
2. Elder Scrolls – Skyrim: Far Horizons
3. Castlevania: A Symphonic Poem (Vampire Killer/Dance of Pales/Lost Painting/Wicked Child)
4. Legend of Zelda – The Windwaker: Dragon Roost Island
5. Final Fantasy VII: One-Winged Angel
6. Mass Effect 3: A Future For the Krogan/An End Once and For All
7. Halo: Never Forget/Peril
8. Sonic the Hedgehog: A Symphonic Suite
9. Chrono Trigger: Main Theme
10. Luigi’s Mansion: Main Theme
11. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
12. Street Fighter II: A Symphonic Suite
13. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Fate of the Unknown
14. Super Metroid: A Symphonic Poem
15. Diablo III: Overture
16. Batman Arkham City: Main Theme
17. Deus Ex-Human Revolution: Icarus Main Theme
18. Fez: Adventure
19. Portal: Still Alive
20. Little Big Planet: Orb of Dreamers (The Cosmic Imagisphere)