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The Wii U is coming. Are you ready? Well we here at Nintendo Nation sort-of-are and we want to make sure you kinda-are too. As such we will do absolutely everything in our power to deliver the important information to you in easy to understand English, and with a tasty slice of helpful guidance and opinion to boot. We don’t just want you to know about Wii U, we want you to know about Wii U.

So what are you doing just sitting there all open mouthed and drooling? It’s not attractive. Hit up the stories below to get the facts you need. The Wii U is coming, be ready.


Wii U will launch in Basic and Premium bundles in the west, but which bundle offers the best value?

When it came to Japan we concluded you’d be best off upgrading a basic bundle, but in the west the decision is far easier.

‘Now you’re playing with power’ – Wii U RAM, GPU and disc speeds don’t disappoint.

Tech Specs that make sense even if you don’t know why there are 2GB’s of goats in a console.

“Wii U Chat”, eShop applications and new Miis outed via official packaging

What will your Wii U do on the interwebs straight out the box? We have the answer!

More than games – Wii U’s browser and TVii functions impress

The Wii U has a web browser, can watch TV (in America) and cooks rice! Oh wait, no, it doesn’t cook rice, that was a mistranslation, but what it does do looks far better than previous Nintendo multimedia attempts…

Nintendo denies our Wii-on-GamePad dreams

What!? No Smash Brawling/Mazza Galax’in/Beat the Beating on the loo? BAH! That said…

New Super Mario Bros U on the loo is possible…

We know how far the Wii U Gamepad will work away from the system, will it reach your toilet?

Wii U will launch in Basic and Premium bundles in Japan, but is the memory difference worth it?

All the information about the Wii U’s Basic and Premium bundles with that all important bit – is it actually worth coughing up the extra to go ‘premium’?


Wii U Launch Window Line-up Revealed and Rated*!

We enlist the help of a re-activated R.O.B unit to deliver unrivalled information on the entire Wii U Launch lineup.

Preview – Nintendo Land – Bridge Over Casual Water

Could Nintendo Land be the game that gets your mother on Metroid? We think so…


Nintendo Direct Europe show is very gamey

Kicking off with some hot, hot Satoru-on-Satoru action, the European Nintendo direct was very game focused.


Nintendo’s Global Wii U Demonstration

Games glorious games.

Japan’s Wii U Launch Presentation

Iwata stands, talks numbers, and leaves.


Yoshi shows you how to pass the time waiting for the Wii U

It’s not a huge wait, but it’s a wait none the less. Here Yoshi suggests some good ways to spend your time.

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