Nintendo and GAME stores team up for Multiplayer Mayhem

Play games early, play games for (possible) prizes, and just play games because games. Nintendo are invading 15 GAME stores this Saturday, April 20th, for an event they’ve dubbed ‘Multiplayer Mayhem’.

Nintendo are encouraging 3DS owners to pop along to take part in StreetPass antics but there will also be demo units to wrangle your hands around. Games on trial include LEGO City: The Chase Begins, Fire Emblem Awakening, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, Harmoknight and Splash or Crash. Have fun with that last one…

There will also be multiplayer competitions running for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Luigi’s Mansion 2. No mention of prizes, but anyone interested in Monster Hunter will likely get a better taste of how the game plays by visiting the event. A far better taste than the demo delivers anyway.

But where are they being held! We presume to hear you cry. Well the fifteen stores are as follows, all hosting the event between 10am and 6pm:

  • Westfield Stratford
  • Birmingham Bullring
  • Trafford Centre
  • Meadowhall
  • Reading Oracle
  • Coventry
  • Braehead
  • Metro Centre (Red Pathway)
  • Bristol Cribbs Causeway
  • Lakeside (Shopping Centre)
  • Cardiff St Davids
  • Merry Hill
  • Nottingham Victoria
  • Leeds Headrow
  • Maidstone

We will be attending the consumerist cathedral that is the Trafford Centre, just to see what the event is like, but if anyone thinks we’ll be hanging around in a GAME for eight long hours without comfy seats and coffee on tap then they need to have a serious think about our leisure preferences.

That’s our only issue looking at the event superficially – GAME. The shops are fine and what not but they are not locations suited to events like this during the day. We’ve attended a few of the chain’s lock-ins and they work because the shop is re-purposed for the event, but it will be awkward just hanging out and playing 3DS while grannies womble around looking for that Call of Duty game their five year old grandson has asked for. This feels more like a taster event, less a ‘bring your 3DS and play some games’ event like, say, the StreetPass UK days.

Will you be attending one of the events? We’d love to know, or even if you have some choice words on the matter then those are cool too so if you could just tell us in the comments below that would be lovely!

  • InvisibleKyubey

    It’s a shame my local GAME isn’t participating in this, would love to join in the community fun.

    • NintendoNation

      Hopefully Nintendo will start hosting them at other stores too, we see community events being very important in Nintendo’s future!