Multi Mario – Play Super Mario 64 with a friend thanks to this Multiplayer Mod

Ever wanted to Play Super Mario 64 with a friend? Imagined scaling Bob-Omb’s mountain with a compadre? Beat the bully with a buddy? Well thanks to an intrepid modder, now you can!

Using a PC emulator, a ROM, and this clever hack, you can enjoy Super Mario 64 alongside a friend. The camera is locked with no split screen support and there are numerous bugs that may occur but hey! It’s a free modification that works if you stick together so don’t go getting all high and mighty. The fact it works at all makes it a very remarkable thing indeed.

It’s perhaps even more incredible when we consider that this mod maker has achieved what Miyamoto craved back in 1996, yet failed to realize due to the constraints of the N64. In the New Super Mario Bros. Wii entry of Nintendo’s Iwata Asks Interviews, Miyamoto talks on the subject of multiplayer Super Mario 64;

“The screen was split and they went into the castle separately. When they meet in the corridor, I was incredibly happy! (laughs) Then there was also the mode where the camera is fixed and we see Mario running away, steadily getting smaller and smaller.

That was a remnant of an experiment we did where Mario and Luigi would run away from each other but you could still see them both. But we were unable to pull it off…”

And now in 2012, sixteen years after Miyamoto first envisioned it, multiplayer Super Mario 64 is a reality, with a camera that shows both characters as they run away from each other no less. We’re yet to try it but we assume it’s the gaming equivalent of having a cheeky peekaboo in God’s old broom closet; a chance to sample a Miyamoto concept we thought was banished to the libraries of failed history alongside the 64DD and Doshin the Giant.

Really makes you think about what else intrepid modders could achieve…

Head to the mod’s YouTube video to read about how to access the mod, and don’t forget to visit the author’s homepage to show your appreciation. The chap has also made a full ‘Rom Hack’ of Super Mario 64 that features all new levels! We have no idea as to the quality of the ‘hack’, but it looks like a giggle.