Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review

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Stop asking why. Why? Because Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is as it is, ok? Why? Because it’s been like this for a while and it’s doing pretty well for itself. Why? Because its often veiled face encourages communication, learning, understanding and mastery, that’s ‘why’.

For those that don’t ‘know’ Monster Hunter, let me reduce the experience to its most base explanation for you – Kill/capture large creatures for the acquisition of materials to employ in the creation of better armour/weapons which, in turn, shall facilitate the confrontation of larger monsters that, through expected design escalation algorithms, will lead to the creation of superior items with which to confront ever weightier creatures; repeat ad nauseum. Yet to explain Monster Hunter as such would be on par with describing BlazBlue as ‘a game where you hit the other chap/chapette/cat/blob until they falls over’, or Dexter as ‘a series about a serial killer serial killer’. No matter how accurate the description it fails to acknowledge the soul of the experience.

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