Monolith Soft advertising for Network Programmer

Monolith Soft, developers of the mighty Xenoblade and Project please release it over here‘ X Zone, have posted up a number of new job openings on their website. The most interesting of which is one for a Network Programmer.

When run through a translator the job priorities include ‘Development of network-aware applications and libraries using the Internet.’ What are Monolith Soft working on that might need to use the Internet in such an interesting sounding manner?

We know they’re working on something for Wii U, this was confirmed in the recent Wii U showcase, but beyond what platform the game will hit we know nothing else. Also worth noting is that Project X Zone is about to be released in Japan, but we’d say it’s a little too early for that team to be deep enough in development to need a Network Programmer.

So looking back to the job page, another newly advertised opening is for a ‘Planner’, and specifically a planner that will work on the ‘RPG Towns’. It’s hardly rocking the boat to assume that Monolith Soft are working on an RPG, the genre is practically written into their DNA in permanent ink and the team behind the Wii U title is the Xenoblade team, but it’s still interesting to consider what that Network Programmer could be up to in regards to this information.

From Software’s Dark Souls has proven that online interaction can be woven into an RPG in unique and interesting ways, and it’s the wording of the job application that brings this implementation to mind in particular.

‘Network Aware Applications’ is the work description. Dark Souls has elements where you see other players and their messages at random, you’re not directly interacting, and this strikes us as ‘aware’ functionality; the game is ‘aware’ of players and things happening online but these elements don’t have a direct impact on your play. This is the sort of thing that Monolith may be investigating.

Before we forget UbiSoft’s zombie survival title ZombiU is implementing Dark Souls message tagging idea, it only makes sense that such great features will be adopted by more games.

So Monolith Soft are making a Wii U game, more than likely an RPG, and it may be the title to have ‘Network Aware’ online functions. We still know nothing, but we’re still uncontrollably excited for what they have in store…