Monday Morning Music – Let it Mario (Let it Snow Parody)

The almighty Dummeh, who we’ve featured on Monday Morning Music a few times and even spoken to in this interview with the one man Synthetic Orchestra, has started bringing in the Christmas cheer with a musical advent calender. How nice!

Under the third door? Why, it’s a parody of the Dean Martin classic Let it Snow set to lyrics celebrating our portly plumber’s endless endeavour to find which castle his princess is actually in.

We’re even going to get in the Christmas spirit and excuse Dummeh’s for labelling a cover with such lyrical content as Mario World, when Mario World has the Maz Man visiting castle’s to save baby Yoshi’s while advancing on Bowser’s final castle and the confirmed location of Peach. Post Christmas, however, such trespasses of ‘tendo knowledge will be frowned upon with due scorn.

Anyway, without further ado here’s the track:

And the classic Dean Martin version to aid in fuelling your festive stove:

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