Monday Morning Music – KK Rider (Animal Crossing)

K.K. Slider is one of Animal Crossing’s most prominent residence, providing ear food for the exhausted slaves Nook every Saturday evening. While he may be moonlighting as a DJ in the upcoming 3DS title, Animal Crossing New Leaf, he’ll always be the guitar strumming rock star to us.

Sir Slider’s melodies are so good it’s perplexing why there aren’t more fan renditions of them floating around the interwebs. But YouTuber ThunderScott can at least help ease our pain another day thanks to his slightly metal rendition of KK Rider.

A fairly new channel, ThunderScott has only been uploading videos for a month. KK Rider was his first, but he’s also popped up a natty Super Mario Land Medley as well as a spooky version of Pokémon Red and Blue’s Lavender town theme, presumably for Halloween. We’ll be watching you ThunderScott… Watching while listening to your Lavender Town theme…

Here’s the original KK Rider from the Gamecube’s Animal Crossing.

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