Monday Morning Music – Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run (Metroid)

Something a little unorthodox this week. While we normally use this spot to highlight an individual fan piece today it’s here to point towards a hugely ambitious fan project that anyone with a passing interest in Metroid should already know about.

Shinesparkers, the Internet’s best Metroid fan site, released the original Harmony of a Hunter last year to celebrate the series’ twenty five year anniversary. Not the sort to sit on their laurels the site, and most specifically Darren Kerwin, has been rounding up musicians and artists once more in an effort to release an expansion album, Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run.

The album is set to feature a huge number of songs, including many Metroid themes that rarely see much fan recognition, across a variety of styles from chiptune and heavy metal to piano and orchestra. Hopefully they’ll include some jazz as well, just so we can imagine Ridley in shades.

No date has been set yet regarding the album’s release, but until then you can satiate those desires for Metroid-y melodies with the three released preview videos. For more information visit Shinesparker’s official site here.