Microsoft’s simultaneous release policy may explain Rayman Legends’ delay

We’re admittedly yet to recover from the realisation that we won’t be playing Michel Ancel’s Next Big Thing, Rayman Legends, at the end of the month.

It seemed so strange for Ubisoft to delay what was a big Wii U exclusive until September, especially when said game is confirmed to have been finished and practically ready to ship on Wii U.

We questioned Ubisoft’s decision to do this, stating it’d have been much more palatable for everyone (and Ubisoft’s sales figures of the game) to release the Wii U version in late February/early March as planned, with other versions arriving later.

But perhaps the delay that arrived with Ubisoft’s decision to bring Legends to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was not something entirely under Ubisoft’s control.

As revealed a few years back by Eurogamer, Microsoft reserve the right to demand publishers release multiplatform software simultaneously with Xbox 360 releases, even (and worryingly) stipulating content parity.

It may not be too surprising, then, if Microsoft pushed for Ubisoft to do just this with Rayman Legends, especially as its (likely) original intended release as a timed exclusive benefits Wii U.

So that’s one possible reason, and while this may not be the true reason for Rayman Legends’ Wii U delay it certainly rings loud as possible.