Let us Partake in Jolly Co-operation: Help get Dark Souls II on Wii U

Petitions come and petitions go, but rarely do we wish one to succeed with quite the enthusiasm as we do this Dark Souls II for Wii U attempt.

What is Dark Souls II? Why, it’s the sequel to one of the best games from 2012 – Dark Souls. Notorious for its unforgiving nature, Dark Souls is a fantasy action RPG about exploring a harsh labyrinth full of tricks, traps and nasty folk who would like to impale your face on their pointy implement of choice. Think a combat heavy Skyward Sword – the brawling in Link’s Wii swansong required a similar amount of observation and reaction actually – if it listened to heavy metal throughout college rather than wooden flutes.

But it’s about more than just having the sequel to this gaming classic grace Nintendo’s latest console, it’s about the fact that the Wii U, with Mii-verse and the Gamepad, is a perfect fit for From Software’s Dark Fantasy epic.

Mii-verse would act as an epicentre of help for the game, players able to attach screenshots and beg for help from other players while simultaneously trumpeting their triumphs. The Gamepad would also smooth out menu navigation and interaction, with players able to instantly dip into their bag and interact with it directly on a touch screen without obscuring the game in flow; an instant improvement over Other Consoles.

Again, this isn’t us trying to rally support and get a game on the Wii U for the sake of it. We genuinely think that the Wii U could offer the best version of this sort of game, while signing the petition will simultaneously show publishers that we’re hungry for games like this on Wii U – it’s important! ZombiU proved that challenging rogue-like design is a good fit for the console, and its continuing popularity with Wii U owners proves that Nintendo’s player base is hungry for this sort of experience. So help us get the message to Bandai Namco – We want Dark Souls II on Wii U.

Sign the Dark Souls II for Wii U petition here - http://www.change.org/petitions/dark-souls-ii-for-the-nintendo-wiiu