Harmony of Heroes – Smash Bros. Fan Album Announced

Shinesparkers.net, masterminds behind the wonderful Harmony of a Hunter and Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run Metroid albums, have announced their new project – Harmony of Heroes.

Shinesparkers ‘Harmony of’ albums are collaborations. The organisers set the theme and then invites composers of all levels to throw their own musical mix into the pot. This set-up results in a wonderful, eclectic album that Shinesparkers then distributes for free.

As the name suggests this is an album that focuses on many franchises, not just Metroid, but to give the album some grounding it uses Nintendo’s own amalgamation of characters, Super Smash Bros., as its framework.

This means the album could contain anything from Mario to Metroid to Zelda to Pictochat to Wario Ware to Mach Rider to F-Zero to Kirby to Wii Sports to the series’ own unique compositions. The Super Smash Bros. Brawl soundtrack is over 300 tracks long, so Harmony of Heroes contributors certainly shouldn’t find themselves lacking for inspiration…

The album has quite a way to go until release, with only a tentative 2014 ‘date’ attached to it right now, but the trailer below, scored by Sam Dillard, promises good things indeed…

Keep an eye on the Harmony of Heroes Facebook and website to catch updates as they appear.