Gaming in the Rain – StreetPass Manchester Report

As this site is run and edited by the ‘Grand Overseer’ (his words) of StreetPass Manchester it’s unavoidable that he would use this site as a springboard for his efforts. The cad. Ergo what follows is his personal account of the group’s recent, first meeting, complete with embarrassing photos of him trying to look classy while wielding cardboard certificates with, erm, with feathers stuck on them. Yup. He says it’s because of Kid Icarus, we say someone just wanted an excuse to buy feathers.

Anyway, on with the report…


10:30 – I (James) arrived in Picadilly Gardens and I was absolutely terrified. What if no-one appears? What if everyone appears? What if some psycho maniac shows up and threatens everyone at banana point, wearing a Donkey Kong mask while singing Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera? The tournament tables still weren’t ready so I sat at the statue, 3DS umbrella open, cutting Gods out of card and waiting for whatever may happen. Secretly though, I was hoping for the masked crazy scenario.

Then 11 hit, and all my fears subsided.

11:00 – Within minutes we were already fifteen-twenty people strong (that above is an early picture, don’t get smarmy) and Mancunian Nintendo rep Jon Howe was on hand to avoid complaints about Luigi’s Mansion’s delay and dodge questions asking when the hell Nintendo are going to tell us about the Wii U. Already, I was satisfied.

Tournament boards still weren’t finished mind…

Mingling began around the statue as I trimmed and blue tacked with all the ability of a disorientated skunk, but people seemed more than happy to just chill and chat. Then, as should always be relied on in Manchester, the rain started.

11:20 – Twenty minutes post meeting time and we had quite the crowd, but precipitation is the enemy of both card and electronic device alike so a contingency plan was called into action; to Costa!

Twitter and Facebook were hastily updated to warn incoming attendees of the new meeting place as we bundled into the coffee shop not thirty seconds from the statue. It was here that the games truly began.

The first official order of business was the Mario Kart 7 tournament. This Grand Prix saw 16 would-be go-karters play in two 8 player heats to decide the 8 finalists who would play for the first £10 eShop voucher of the day. This tournament lasted a while but eventually it was Richard who came out on top, dominating the final track (Rainbow Road SNES) with commendable authority.

While this was happening, however, the attendee count continued to build (20, no, 24. Possibly 28? Actually, I think we might have broken 30…) More and more faces were appearing by the minute with people travelling to the city from all around. There were attendees from Wakefield, a number came up from Stoke-on-Trent/Stafford, and one even made the hour and a half trek from Shropshire!


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