Friend codes are no more – converse to make friends on Miiverse

The latest Iwata Asks just went live as we type this, and it holds a few tidbits of its own. And yes, friend codes are indeed no more.

Mizuki from Nintendo’s Network Business Department told Mr. Iwata that because the Miiverse team realised people would exchange Wii, DS and 3DS friend codes on ‘public’ places such as internet message boards anyway, a newer system could be put in place.

What is this new, Wii U-specific system? It revolves around the simple activity of conversing with someone with similar interests.

Mizuki tells us that because you meet friends in Miiverse through a similar game – and thus through a similar interest – this can pave way to a new method of making online friends:

In the same way that men and women don’t find themselves suddenly going out without talking to each other, in Miiverse, you talk about a game in which you are both interested in. This allows you to think “We get along!” or “I want to play together with this person!” and then consider becoming friends

Word is: Reggie and Iwata made friends on Wii U during a game of Funky Barn.

So there you have it. Message a Miiverse, er, Mii/player/human with a similar interest – we’re not sure what that’d be if you met them whilst playing Funky Barn – and then you can take this a step further and add them to your friends list by exchanging Nintendo Network IDs, which replace the old system.

All we can say to this is: excellent!