What Are You Most Looking Forward To In 2013?

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  • 15 January, 2013 at 21:15 #2452
    Avatar of Rossdp

    What’s everyone looking forward to most in 2013?

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf is right at the top of my own ‘want list’. I know the series hasn’t really evolved since the Japanese N64 original, but it’s just so damn good that I find myself not really minding. Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 are bubbling just underneath, and I’ll definitely be making time for Rayman Legends and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I’ve got high hopes for the gaming year up ahead!

    16 January, 2013 at 00:42 #2457
    Avatar of James B
    James B
    Key Master

    Oh man… The Wonderful 101 cannot come soon enough! That and Bayonetta 2 are just waiting to absorb hours of my life…

    Outside of punching oversized things in the tootsies, I have high hopes for Pikmin 3 and Luigi’s Mansion 2, I just think they’re going to absolutely smash it and be phenomenal…

    Talking of smashing (oh ho!) I cannot wait to catch a glimpse of Smash WiiU and 3DS, even if they’ll likely be 2014 titles…

    Oh and Castlevania Mirror of Fate, becomes I’m a hopeless fan of stabbing procrastinating vamps in the chest cavity.

    16 January, 2013 at 08:20 #2465
    Avatar of Axis1500

    I’m looking forward to quite a lot, really. Wonderful 101 is the top of my Wii U list. For the 3DS, Fire Emblem is a title that I really can’t wait for.

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    17 January, 2013 at 00:40 #2474
    Avatar of Beth

    Only just got back into pokemon again with the release of Black 2, so really looking forward to X/Y. Even though I’ve got a back log of games to catch up with…

    Rayman Legends, absolutely adored playing Origins through with Dala, and the music levels in legends look like brilliantly good  fun!

    And Professor Layton… ( There’s always a Professor Layton around the corner….!)

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