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    Event Calander

    Full Calander:

    11/17 - Fishing Tournament
    11/22 - Harvest Festival

    12/8 - Fishing Tournament
    12/21 - Winter Solstice
    12/24 - Christmas Eve
    12/31 - Countdown (New Years)

    1/1 New Years
    1/19 - Fishing Tournament

    2/3 - Last day of winter
    2/9 - Fishing Tournament
    2/11 - Carnival

    3/3 - Doll Festival
    3/16 - Fishing Tournament
    3/31 - Easter

    4/1 - April Fools
    4/13 - Fishing Tournament

    5/5 - Children's Day
    5/18 - Fishing Tournament

    6/15 - Bug Catching Tournament
    6/21 Summer Solstice

    7/7 - Tanabata
    7/20 - Bug Catching Tournament

    8/4-11-18-25 - Fireworks Meet/Tournament?
    8/15 - Obon - Latern Festival
    8/17 - Bug Catching Tournament

    9/3 - Weed Day
    9/19 - Moon Viewing Festival
    9/21 - Bug Catching Tournament

    10/12 - Fishing Tournament
    10/31 - Halloween

    11/16 - Fishing Tournament
    11/28 - Harvest Festival

    12/14 - Fishing Tournament
    12/22 - Winter Solstice
    12/24 - Christmas Eve
    12/31 - Countdown (New Years)

    Thought I'd get in with the translation first. :p

    News from Direct

    - Talking about the game, being mayor, building house, no firm goals.
    - Eguchi, producer. Going to talk to devs.
    -The man and woman were the game's directors, the other woman is a planner.
    - Flowers will sparkle depending off if they've been watered.
    - Can design roads - they added the character for 'road'. There's a camping ground, sometimes there'll be campers - villagers who don't live in your village.
    - Villagers and visitors can buy items in the recycle shop.
    - There's a pot plant and the other is a music album.
    - The bench and clock were stuff she placed as mayor.
    - When you sit in the mayor's seat, Shizue will come up and talk to you.
    - Once you've decided what to build, go with Shizue to decide where. Then they'll show you what it will look like. Donations from villagers begin.
    - Don't have to go back to mayor's office once building is placed.
    - Can donate yourself.
    - New item: megaphone. Can say a villagers names to get their attention by speaking their name into the 3DS microphone.
    - The tanooki brothers will take turns each day to service the shop.
    - Halloween goods sold because it's October.
    - Different types of shoes, boots and socks.
    - 2nd floor is the museum shop. The four doors lead to special exhibitions. You can set the special exhibitions yourself. Hawaiian Expo, Sushi expo.
    - Tanooki Housing Real Estate. Buy parts for your houses outside.
    - Can decide if you want to increase room numbers and where (1st flow left, right, 2nd floor etc)
    - Shisho, comedian. Started a comedy club, Club 444. Can watch his comedy shows. He has spoken dialogue during this. Can decide your reaction.
    - Take photos of your expression with good timing for best result in the photo booth. Many reactions/emotions to collect.
    - This is the design leader, Takahashi.
    - Talking about new items.
    - Can alter designs at R. Parker's
    - The redesign takes 30 minutes in this instance. Changed the design and wood.
    - Can create your own designs
    - Entire house of Tom Nooks if you want!
    - Can turn designs into QR codes.
    - Model Homes now. People met through Streetpass. These are the people she's streetpassed with. Sometimes they will give you things, like ice-creams, balloons, and pin wheels.
    - Up to 48 houses in three block, 16 homes per block.
    - Can see with the map where the houses are using people's names.
    - Toilets & urinals!! Mario stars, shells, & mushrooms!
    - The woman to the left of Eguchi drew that apple as her 'Own Design' in the game.
    - You can go to visit some people's villages that you've street-passed with. It's a 'dream'.
    - Allows you to see how other people have set up their towns. When you have an internet connection, if someone you've street passed with has a Village number, (can search by name too) you can go into a new shop and visit their village. You can do stuff like cut trees and get fruit, but it doesn't affect their village.
    - You can alter the look of City Hall, too.
    - This is the sound director.
    - This is the early morning theme. Second, the morning theme. Daytime theme now. Evening theme. Sky has changed color too and there's a diesel train running. And now the night theme. And now the late night theme.
    - K. K. Slider, Saturday night live performances at the new Shisho's Club 444. Now for a new song. Shisho is dancing to the beat!
    - DJ K.K. (K.K. Slider under a different name) performs on nights other than Saturday at the comedy club. 'House Nights' Includes NES Nights. 'Famicon Nights'.
    - Can listen to the music on audio players in your house, like gramophones.
    - Lots of new songs.
    - Islands! The four of them are going to the island. Going by boat. A motor boat, headed by Kapp'n!
    - A new song for the ride, too.
    - Can get swimming suits the first time here, wearing it you can go swimming.
    - Can dive for coral! Sometimes there'll be jellyfish.
    - Find summer fish and bugs all year round here.
    - Can trade medals got in mini games on the island to trade for the goods in the souvenir shop.
    - Games are focused on Co-op.
    - Tortimer appears as the Tour Guide, explains the games
    - Each person has to search for their own type of fruits; mangoes, persimmons, etc.
    - The faster you are the more medals you get.
    - Can pick up fruits and drop them for other players in easier locations.
    - This is 'Hammer', hit the little electric car.
    - And that's it from the team - thanks to the staff.
    - Iwata reconfirms download version; same as the retail version. Mentions the benefit of download versions.
    - Official Animal Crossing twitter @doubutsuno_mori , will reveal new characters and items.

    -Also, Wifi, local (2-4 players), 1 save file, street pass and spot pass.[/quote]

    Scan info

    Weed day (9/3):
    - Reggie, the gardener, holds a weed day festival when the gardening shop is open.
    - Pick all the weeds to get a special present handmade by Reggie.
    - Reggie counts the number of weeds left to be picked.

    Harvest Festival (11/4):
    - Totally different from previous Animal Crossings.
    - Franklin the chef comes and will treat you to food if you help him out and gather ingredients.
    - Gather ingredients yourself or through trading things with the villagers.
    - Franklin will give you a special present when the food’s ready.

    Christmas Eve (12/24):
    - Different from previous games.
    - The Mayor (the player), dresses up as Santa Claus to give the villagers presents.
    - Meet up with Jingle while dressed as Santa Claus to get a sack of presents for the villagers.

    New villagers:
    - Frank, male eagle, birthday is 6/1, personality is smug.
    - Koyuki, female tiger, 12/13 birthday, personality is energetic.
    - Mike, male kangaroo, 12/1 birthday, personality is stubborn.
    - Arthur, male lion, 8/7 birthday, personality is smart.
    - Tsukasa, female? sheep, 10/21 birthday, personality is mature.
    - Lily, female wolf, 3/24 birthday, personality is normal.
    - Tokio, male? ostrich, 9/23 birthday, personality is airhead.
    - ???, female mouse, 2/5 birthday, personality is energetic.
    - Osmond, male koala, 10/12 birthday, personality is smart.
    - ???, male hippo, 10/15 birthday, personality is smug.

    Dream Mansion (could also be translated, literally, as Mansion where [one] sees dreams)
    - Anteater named Yumemi (dream viewer) runs the shop 24/7.
    - Connect to the internet and visit other players’ villages from around the world.
    - Can head to a village based on address, the type of village you desire, or by area.
    - Anything that’s done to the dream village won’t have an impact on the actual village.
    - Speak to Wendell (Seiichi) the starving artist while you visit another player’s dream village to get a pattern that that player created.[/quote]

    New Info from site

    [quote]Dream Salon (Dream Mansion)
    - Can also register your village in the Dream Salon.
    - Can be opened via communal work.

    Club 444
    - Saturday Nights are Totakeke (KK’s) Live.
    - Sunday through Friday night is DJ K.K.’s DJ Time.
    - The owner of Club 44, Shisho, might teach you some reaction acting during the day before the club is open (art of acting centered on making people react. I don’t know if there’s an English equivalent term).
    - Can be opened via communal work.

    - Travel to other villages and invite friends to your village from here.

    Police Box
    - Police can check whether someone is visiting your village or if any lost articles have come in.
    - Can be opened through communal work.
    - Picture on the site shows the policeman saying, “Rollan has asked for permission to visit and sell things today.”

    - Pretty much the same as previous Animal Crossings. Costs 1000 bells to go to the resort island.


    Fishing Tournament (held January through May and October through December)
    - Done once a month during the above time frames.
    - Uomasa the beaver holds the tourney.
    - Catch the biggest fish to win a prize.

    Bug Catching Tournament (held June through September)
    - Kameya-san, the lizard, runs the tourney.
    - Can you catch a rare bug that’ll even surprise Kameya?!

    Full calendar of events here (will translate in a bit)

    Thanks to Hobby on Gaf.

    Visit The Houses of People You Streetpassed:
    At the Happy Home Exhibition Street in front of the shopping street, you can visit the model houses of people you street passed. Any piece of furniture you like you can also order through mail order sales!

    Take a Relaxing Vacation on the Island of Endless Summer!
    Former Mayor Tortimer, after retiring, is now living on this resort island of endless summer. You can take many kinds of tours and purchase gifts to bring home amongst other things. Enjoy a relaxing vacation either by yourself or with everyone you know!

    Visit Lots of Towns in Your Dreams!
    When you sleep in the Dream House, you visit an actual person’s real town. You can freely walk around their town and visit houses while dreaming!

    Make a Best Friend!
    Become best friends with your Nintendo 3DS friends! If both you and your friend save one another as best friends, you will be informed of when that person comes online and even if you aren’t currently visiting their town, you can still talk to them by sending messages!

    KK’s Famous Tunes Are Now Club Music?!
    Every Saturday night you can enjoy listening to KK Slider’s music at “Club 444.” (Note: Club 444 in Japanese is referred to as “Club Shi Shou” or “Club See Show” – it’s a cute pun.) From Sunday to Friday, during D.J. KK Time, you can enjoy KK’s normal sound with a club music twist!

    Say Hi to Far Away Friends!
    When using your megaphone, you can call one of your animal friends by saying their name inot the 3DS mic. Even if they are far away they can still hear you and respond!

    Swim, Dive, and Fully Enjoy the Sea!
    If you are wearing a Swim Suit (they called it a Marine Suit in Japanese), you can swim in the ocean and dive beneath the water. Pay close attention to the depths and you can collect items that you can’t via fishing like special shells, sea grapes, and others!

    Bug Tournament guy

    Shizue, the mayor’s assistant’s brother who runs the Happy Home Academy

    More screens here:


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    I got some screens of my playing, really enjoying it.





    If there’s one thing I’ll say is a downside to having so much more content (shopping district wise and the mayor stuff) is that it seems to take a while to really get going to allow you to have/do everything as stuff comes at you incrementally. That’s not a bad thing, but after watching the directs beforehand and seeing all the cool other shops it really makes me wish you could start with them all.

    In the earliar games it wasn’t too bad as you started with Abel/Nooks and that was all you were going to get (barely played City Folk so can’t comment on the start), you kind of felt that you had all the tools avaliable for you to really get going, where as this time as I’m doing my mayoral tasks to go towards being a proper mayor and being able to do stuff, it seems I’m kind of hindered to go at a pace the game seems to have set itself.

    Overall impressions however are really positive from me. I love it.

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    So much Jelly ;_;

    Have you seen K.K.Slider play yet?

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