Fallblox Friday #6 – Links to the Past 2

Just pretend it’s still Friday, ok?

Last week we made a trio of levels celebrating the announcement of A Link to the Past 2 and this week, we’ve made some more! What can we say? It’s exciting.

We’ve also tried to get to grips with cloud blocks to make the levels more interesting and less about simple deconstruction. The master sword level is particularly good, we feel. Sides, pulling Ganon’s face apart is just fun in its own right…

Oh and the Skull is Ganon’s medallion, in case you were wondering.

To play the levels either scan the codes by pointing your 3DS at them or, should you be browsing this site on your 3DS, just save the images to your SD card and then select ‘scan from picture’ in Fallblox/Crashmo.

We hope you enjoy the levels, and we’d love some feedback in the comments below… If you have any Fallblox/Crashmo levels you’d like us to feature in a future Fallblox Friday just send the QR code to us at General@Nintendo-Nation.net!