Fallblox Friday #4 – Retro Pack 1

One of the best things about block based puzzle games – arguably the most popular of the puzzle games – is in using classic square based character art as the basis for further puzzles.

This said Fallblox is a curious puzzler with squares behaving in a very unique way. With this said our use of classic sprite’s as puzzles is half experimentation with what does and does not work with Mallo’s effigy dismantling ways. So here we have Link, Kirby and – due to our addiction to its rebirth in Nintendo Land – the Balloon Fight Kid.

None of these puzzles are as hard as last week’s christmas tree, or this Wii U puzzle, and that’s mainly due to the nature of sprites, they just fall apart! That said we still found it entertaining to pull Link apart and thought we’d share the mirth with you.

To play the levels either scan the codes by pointing your 3DS at them or, should you be browsing this site on your 3DS, just save the images to your SD card and then select ‘scan from picture’ in Fallblox/Crashmo.

We hope you enjoy the levels, and we’d love some feedback in the comments below… If you have any Fallblox/Crashmo levels you’d like us to feature in a future Fallblox Friday just send the QR code to us at General@Nintendo-Nation.net!