Fallblox Friday #2 – Mallo the heartbreaker

Last friday’s Fallblox puzzles gave you a Wii U Gamepad to scale, this week we ask you to pull apart a heart. Mallo truly is a beast of biblical proportions…

But now is not the time to debate the pudgy red one’s moral standing, now is the time to climb! Today’s three puzzles range from rather simple to ‘what do you mean I have to use the single block as a push support?’. These puzzles, as with last week, were designed by site overloard James B. Don’t be afraid to pop us an email with any puzzles you’d like us to feature in a future Fallblox Friday.

To play the levels either scan the codes by pointing your 3DS at them or, should you be browsing this site on your 3DS, just save the images to your SD card and then select ‘scan from picture’ in Fallblox/Crashmo.

We hope you enjoy the levels, and we’d love some feedback in the comments below… If you have any Fallblox/Crashmo levels you’d like us to feature in a future Fallblox Friday just send the QR code to us at General@Nintendo-Nation.net!