Fallblox Friday #1 – Five levels from us to you…

What’s that? A review of FallBlox? ‘It’s really blummin’ good and probably better than Pullblox’. There you go. Now stop gawping and get on playing!

But seriously, Fallblox/Crashmo is a frankly genius follow-up to the 3DS’ brilliant Pullblox/Pushmo that is absolutely worth the asking price, especially on account of its still excellent level creation and sharing tools, which we shall celebrate for as many Fridays as we feel like until we get bored.

For anyone still on the fence on buying Fallblox on not we say yay, a thousand times yay. Pullblox was grand, but its puzzle design was rigid and when things weren’t working it was eye twitching-ly frustrating. Fallblox is equally as devious with some of its solutions but things feel more malleable, and more workable, due to the marriage of more reactive, gravity affected stages alongside a Mallo who isn’t afraid of a tumble. It’s just more fun to play. Get it.

And if you have got it then we’ve got five brand spanking new stages for you! Some are simple and yes, one is a bit of a joke, but two of them are devilishly tricky! At least our pea brains found them tough… Anyway, either scan the codes by pointing your 3DS at them or, should you be browsing this site on your 3DS, just save the images t your SD card and then select ‘scan from picture’ in Fallblox/Crashmo.

We hope you enjoy the levels, and we’d love some feedback in the comments below… If you have any Fallblox/Crashmo levels you’d like us to feature in a future Fallblox Friday just send the QR code to us at General@Nintendo-Nation.net!