Event – StreetPass Manchester’s Meet #3

A Mario Kart Grand Prix, a Pokémon tourney and a Kid Icarus ladder are but a few of the inhumane gladiatorial delights being hosted in Manchester this Saturday.

Helmed by independent group StreetPass Manchester, the imaginatively named Meet #3 will take place this Saturday, 16th February, at the Lass o’Gowrie pub, Manchester, from 1pm.

“3DS, DS, and general Nintendo fans are encouraged to attend the event for an afternoon with like-minded gamers.” StreetPass Manchester tells us, “Meet #3 will start at 1pm and run, officially, until 5pm. That said the pub, and more importantly the bar (for those of appropriate age, obviously), is open into the twilight hours for those that still have the battery power left to play.” Drunkards.

The event will also feature a Wii U, showing NintendoLand in all its multiplayer glory.

Previous StreetPass Manchester events have attracted in excess of thirty attendees. thirty puzzle pieces right there. We covered their first event, which you can read about here. It was a rather splendid day out.

These sorts of meetings are a great way to really explore your system, and enjoy aspects of it to their full. There’s nothing quite like a proper eight player Mario Kart 7 race with everyone around the same table.

We’re told that you can keep up to date with StreetPass Manchester events on their Twitter,  Facebook group, and tumblr.