European Scribblenauts Unlimited delayed due to lack of UK English?

Light has possibly been shed on why Nintendo of Europe chose to delay Scribblenauts Unlimited on Wii U and 3DS to make “some changes need to be implemented within the game”.

The news comes via reader @Rossdp, whose local GAME’s manager told him that “all the copies were sent back because they contained American spellings (i.e. neighbor)”.

Furthermore, the recently released European PC version of the game also retains some American Spellings (thanks @2Mart0!) instead of supporting both UK and American variants.

This seems like quite a plausible reason for delay. With the general UK populace used to spelling words in UK English, having Scribblenauts Unlimited’s dictionary not account for regional differences in spelling could widely impact the game’s instantaneous playability.

Though whether publisher Nintendo requesting retailers send copies of the game back and subsequently delaying the software was the right thing to do is a different matter.

A future online patch may have worked better, ensuring players receive Scribblenauts Unlimited as early as possible, as well as an amended dictionary months down the line.

But at least Nintendo are counting all users (i.e. those who don’t have their Wii Us connected to the internet) in.