Cover Story – Five Snug and ‘Fashionable’ 3DS Cases

Ever looked at your 3DS and thought ‘you look cold’? If you have, you might be mentally unhinged. But we’re not the sort to judge here at Nintendo Nation so instead we shall acknowledge your concern for your 3DS’ well being and suggest a selection of handmade 3DS cases to ensure your handheld is kept comfortable in these winter months.

What follows are but five examples of the great 3DS cases you can find online. Cases that are sure to raise a much larger smile than one emblazoned with blummin’ Angry Birds…

1. Hylian Triforce Crest

Because what else says ‘I got a 3DS too early to get that gorgeous Zelda one’ like a Link green case and huge Hylian symbol?
Source: Etsy (£13.00)

2. Waluigi Case

We like to imagine that this, knitted dungarees, is the sort of thing the Mario brothers get for Christmas. We then imagine that only Waluigi would actually be dumb enough to wear it any longer than the appropriate mother pleasing 3 hours.
Source: Etsy (£12.00)

3. Super Snug Case

Just in case you’re a member of, say, a folk band and you’re worried your DS, with its finely moulded corners and electronic demon work, wouldn’t fit in at the pub jam session this case is a truly wholesome piece of work sure not to offend beardy fiddle players. May also double up as a mitten.
Source: Etsy (£10.00)

4. Charmander 3DS Felt Case

There’s something horrific when you realise that you’re feeding the Charmander your DS when you want to keep it safe, but then you’re reaching into its throat and extracting the contents of its stomach everytime you want to play, leaving the carcass limp until you feed it again once your play session concludes before pulling it out again later. Wait till PETA hears about this…
Source: Etsy (£17.00)

5. Scarface Case

Right, right, brace yourself for this right… Say hello to my ‘little friend’. Cos, right, your 3DS is little, yeah, yeah, but it’s also your friend in a way because you do stuff you like together. Haha! Comedy gold… Yep, we know where the door is.
Source: Etsy (£13.00)

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