Cosplay Corner – ThePlough as Groose

Meet Cameron ‘FlyingScotsman’ Plummer, also known as ThePlough, is a Scottish born Cosplayer currently living in the almost offensively scenic surroundings of Cheshire, England.

Having tried his hand (body?) at the likes of Johnny Bravo and Paul Phoenix in his time, Cameron appears to have a thing for idiots with silly hair. As should be expected for someone with a slant towards the mentally challenged it’s only logical that Skyward Sword’s pompadour’d pillock be amongst his efforts. Nintendo Nation caught up with ThePlough to find out about why. Why Groose?

Nintendo Nation: What drew you to Groose, of all characters?
FlyingScorsman: I was drawn to Groose because I found him very relatable to myself. A helpless romantic and a try hard. None the less when I first played the game, Skyward Sword, I instantly thought that if this guy had a voice he would surely be Scottish with a name like that, so it’s a natural fit!

NN: What was the hardest thing about making the Groose costume?
FS: Believe it or not the hardest thing to make on the costume was the cape. While creating the outfit we discovered that my back wasn’t symmetrical, so we had to tailor the cape to fit my size perfectly or it would sit slanted.

NN: Does wearing a Groose costume generate a certain type of reaction from other cosplayers? Zeldas and Links in particular?
FS: There is a great deal of love for Groose, it is all mainly just love reactions from everyone. For Links and Zeldas though I don’t really see many other Groose’s (correct me if I am wrong) at cons, so a great deal of them want me to get in their shots, which is great!

NN: Any other Nintendo costumes in the pipeline?
I have always wanted to cosplay Captain Falcon but I am waiting for the right time to do it. Like a Super smash bros group.

Remember to visit ThePlough’s page on Cosplay Island to see more pictures, and to keep up with his growing body of work and request that Captain Falcon cosplay.