Cosplay Corner – Rhazia as Sheik

Meet Rhazia, a cosplayer from Canada who has created the definitive Sheik get up.

Fan of Fire Emblem, Zelda,  Smash Bros. and the stunning Other Format Souls games, Rhazia is an ‘all-round nerd’, her words, who’s currently a student studying some sporty things we shant pretend to know anything about. Simply impressed with her needle work, we caught up for a chat;

Nintendo Nation – What drew you to Shiek?
Rhazia – A lot of things drew me to Sheik. I’m a huge Zelda fan and I knew that I wanted to do a costume from the series. I eventually settled on Sheik because she was my main in Brawl. I love the design in that game as well as how she’s animated. I have a martial arts background and the flexibility to do most of her moveset. Being able to move like her made the character an interesting choice.

NN – What was the hardest thing about creating the Sheik costume?
R – Layers. Lots and lots of layers. The hardest part was figuring out how to layer it so that I could get the costume on and off without scissors. Other than that, it was just patience. Sewing two stretch fabrics together involves a lot of pinning and hand sewing.

NN – Are you planning a Zelda costume as well? If yes, how quick do you think you could ‘transform’ between the two?
R – I don’t have one planned right now but I would love to do a Zelda costume one day, probably one of the more mature designs like in Twilight Princess. As for “transforming”… well, without magic it would take a while. All those layers I mentioned take a while to get on and off.

NN – When you wear the costume do you inexplicable run away from Link cosplayers after teaching them a song/punch anyone dressed as Ganon?
R – Sadly, no. I’ve only worn the costume to one convention and every time I saw a good cosplay from the Legend of Zelda one of us would be in a hurry to get somewhere. I have challenged a Lucario to a fight and beaten up a sand bag, however.

NN – What costume is next for yourself?
R – I’m currently working on Crossbreed Priscilla from Dark Souls. I don’t have any other Zelda costumes planned for now.

You can check out more of Rhazia’s photos and costumes, including a rather good Sakura, by heading over to her page here: