Bravely Default, Earthbound, Yoshi’s Island 3 and A Link to the Past 2 – Nintendo Direct Delivers

New details on Mario and Luigi 2, Mario Golf, Pikmin 3 and Super Luigi U as well. Oh, and Mario Party 3DS – suppose it can’t all be outstanding.

We normally quite like to extrapolate on details here at Nintendo Nation but today we find ourselves in a thought consuming reverie. Perhaps tomorrow we shall dismantle the show’s every fallacy but honesty speaking, it was a stonker of a Direct.

The Mario titles are plentiful but varied in design. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros (July 12th) continues to looks a bit like Super Mario RPG, and look brilliant with it. Variety was the talk of the show, with Luigi shown taking the place of both a twister and giant Katamari ball.

Mario Golf World Tour does good by talking online features, including both community support for special rulesets and score uploading. This was followed by a more in depth look at New Super Luigi U, with emphasis put on Luigi’s old-school flutter high jump making its return. That’s a lie, it was followed by Mario Party 3DS and its new emphasis on random board features, but eh.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is out soon and comes with a new easy mode that adds a heart to DK and Diddy’s health and gives you more helpful items, such as a green balloon that saves you should you fall off a ledge. Too easy you say? Well the game will also feature a ninth world that is accessed after you’ve cleared the game so that will be really tricky, just for you. Masochist.

Moving away from people who like to suffer, the next announcement was that of Yoshi’s Island 3, with nary a baby Luigi, Peach, Wario or Donkey Kong in sight, despite acknowledging Yoshi’s Island DS during the video. Phew. Innovations include Yoshi’s clown feet and Big Eggs.

Then there was Mario and Donkey Kong: Mini’s on the Move, complete with many many minigames (hitting eShop early May), and word on the Wii U system update that will not only increase the speed of the OS, but will also allow background installations, boot–up to Wii mode and sleep mode downloads for future system updates. Virtual Console will arrive the day after this update (no titles confirmed yet), as will Panoramic ‘why is this not Pokémon Snap’ View.

Pikmin 3 is out in August, with the flying Pink Pikmin confirmed as the creatively named ‘Flying’ Pikmin, transporting stuff over water and bundling on aerial enemies the moment they attack.

Bomb number 2 struck soon after Shibata took to the desk rocking some new, stylish glasses, in the form of Earthbound getting a full western eShop release in both America and Europe. Earthbound was notoriously missing from the Wii’s Virtual Console, despite clamouring from Nintendo fans the world over so this is delicious news.

Then there was LEGO City: The Chase Begins looking much better than previous trailers, Shibata showing us his Iwata lamp in Animal Crossing, The Animal Crossing 3DS getting announced for Europe, the two Zelda Oracles games being confirmed for May 30th, and Level 5′s Guild 02 games (Starship Damprey, Bugs vs Tanks and Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale) being confirmed for the near future.

Then Shin Megami Tensei IV was confirmed for the west (hopefully it won’t crash whenever you summon a demon). That was followed by confirmation of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy was confirmed for this year, which is nice even if we’re still without word on the Layton vs. Wright crossover coming to our shores. Then that was followed by the bombshell that Bravely Default is finally getting a release this year, answering the prays, demands and blood rituals of many a western JRPG fan.

All that would have been lovely. All of that would have seen us satisfied. Then Nintendo storm in with one last surprise in the form of a new Zelda title based on, and set in the world of, A Link to the Past (as we predicted yesterday). Not a remake, not a new Phantom Hourglass-like touch screen affair, an honest to Nayru follow-up to the SNES A Link to the Past complete with screen transitions, chunky sword blows and a hammer.

The visual style has caught a few people off guard, but when viewed at a distance it’s genuinly hard to tell the 3DS game apart from its SNES forebearer. The only aspect that looks a tad off would be Link’s glossy and chilling to the bone porcelain eyes. Other than that it looks lovely, and a true return to the Zelda’s of old.

The whole thing was a little light on Wii U content, yes, but it was advertised as a 3DS Direct so it doesn’t seem right to chastise it for that. We got a bit of relevant info on imminent concerns and while it would have been nice to see a full unveiling of the Virtual Console (as well as confirmation of features that really should exist, like cross purchasing and GBA coming to 3DS eShop) we don’t think it’s quite right to criticise when the Wii U was not today’s concern. When they present a Wii U Direct and fail to announce Metroid Dread, that’s when we can kick off.

We’ll have more in depth info up soon, but for now you can check out the entire direct for yourself below and do tell us what you thought, we’d quite like to have a chat.