‘Always on’ Nintendo eShop a Wii U reality

You want it. We want it. Developers want it. That is, an ‘always-on’ Nintendo eShop – something we can access at any time regardless of whether we’re playing a game or not.

And this is exactly what Nintendo seem to have given us, if we put our Analysis Goggles(TM) on.

During today’s Miiverse-adorned Nintendo Direct, Mr. Iwata gave us a glimpse of the Wii U home menu, as seen from a GamePad. Its layout is fairly similar to the 3DS’s home menu (minus the skeuomorphism), right down to a row of specific icons underneath our installed software.

Except this time we see a Nintendo eShop icon amongst the group – which includes 3DS mainstays such as the browser and notifications.

There it is: the eShop alongside a special row of icons next to Miiverse, browser and notification icons – all of which we know can be accessed in-game.

Other than a reconfirmation that Nintendo’s storefront will indeed be accessible through a web edition on any web enabled device (such as a smartphone or tablet), that’s as far as we got regarding a look at the eShop during this Nintendo Direct.

We are pleased about this little tidbit, though. Nintendo are certainly putting that 1GB of system memory reserved solely for Wii U’s operating system to good use and an always-on eShop was always a must have for Wii U.

Reducing the time and hassle of going from what we’re doing to what we’re, er, shopping would make eShop far more accessible to every Wii U user, and thus hopefully up the frequency of visits. Combine this with potential Miiverse integration – friends telling us what games and content they’ve recently bought/checked out – and we’re on to a winner.