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Nintendo Nation is about you. You, with your glorious, flowing locks, glistening white teeth and muscular fingers sculpted through hours of intense, thoughtful, passionate gaming. You, the Nintendo player and fan.

We’re here to celebrate you, and to work for you. To show you other wonderful Nintendo fans just like you, and to help you get more out of your Nintendo playing than you ever have in the past. Be that through challenges, multiplayer events, or entertaining and educational features delivered by our hand-picked team of contributors, we’re here for you.

Also while we’re talking us we’d like to assure you that we are not Nintendo ‘fanboys’. We’re gamers first and unaffiliated with the Big N, meaning we’ll tell you when a bad game is a bad game. We just consider Nintendo games and systems to have that something, that extra spice, that ‘mmmmmm yes’ element that other systems don’t hit so frequently. The 360 is a good console, the PS3 is a fiiiiine console and the Vita deserves success. We just get more from Nintendo is all.

We are the Nintendo Nation – the home of the Nintendo player.

Meet the Team

Profile picture of James BJames B – Editor

Is there life on Mars? Probably, but for now James – a contributor to numerous websites and magazines – is more than happy to while away the hours ‘practising’ Super Smash Bros., tracking down video game composers to ask them inane questions and fawning over the work of SUDA 51.

Profile picture of James MJames McWhirter – Contributor & Fact Sleuth

Once a 3DS Tribe scribe – enjoys ranting over flaws of games he
secretly enjoys playing, always hoping for better, criticising out of love
as well as hate. His gaming heart lies with Nintendo, where he couldn’t
imagine a world without a platform holder that bears such a rich heritage. And Tingle.”

Profile picture of mark.kellyMark Kelly – Contributor

Making up the numbers with a mix of jovial cynicism and almost-straight-to-the-point writing.


Profile picture of Scott Varnham

Scott Varnham – Contributor



Profile picture of Daniel MurphyDaniel Murphy – Contributor



Avatar of Doctor Robert RobotDoctor Robert Robot – Human hating robot from the future

ROB need not appeal to pointless human explanation pre-requisites. Information flesh-sacks require about ROB unit 2641 will be delivered when necessary. Typical necessary situation; five seconds before incineration.

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