Cuddly Joy – 5 Fan Made Nintendo Plush Toys that should be released

What’s that? Wii U? Yeah, well, we’re British so we’re not commenting on most of that until we get our mitts on the consoles next Friday. Well, we had a little moan about the Wii mode and the gloom it casts over Wii Ware, but that’s just par for the course. We’ll wade in on the important issues – with our reviews and our concerns about framerate and whether or not the console can live through getting stuck in Jelly – as soon as we can.

So how do we keep ourselves amused while we await the joys of asynchronous multiplayer and playing Mario on the throne? Random Google searches!

This latest collection was born from our recent addiction to Fallblox. Plump lead Mallo may be the perfect advocate for 3D – his round features look especially huggable when you push the 3D slider up – but surely he’d also make a brilliant soft toy? Cue firing up the old Goooooooogle and taking a search. Turns out some people have similar ideas…

Mallo Plush from Pullblox/Pushmo/Fallblox/Crashmo by UraHameshi

Just look at it! So rotund, and there’s a certain charm to Mallo’s almost gormless look. just don’t be surprised to wake up and find your draws opened up to form convenient steps.
Source: DeviantArt (Commission)

Mr Saturn Plush from Eathbound by Cinnamel

Ok, yeah, we know that Ban Presto released that ginormous Mr Saturn over in Japan – and they probably released a bunch of dinkie ones as well – but the Earthbound star has found new fame through his titter inducing appearances in the Smash Bros Series. W’re sure there’s a market for that huge cuddly nose over here.
Source: DeviantArt (Commission)

Metroid Plush from Metroid by 64bitcrafts

Ok so an intergalactic parasite isn’t the most obvious choice of character to be reimagined in child friendly form, but they become so painfully cute when they are. Provides extra ‘place on head and pretend it’s suckling your energies’ amusement free of charge.
Source: Deviantart (personal project) 

Growlithe Plush from Pokémon by UraHameshi

Yup, the creator of this article’s progenitor virus, the Mallo plush, is also responsible for this monument of cute. Nintendo are fairly good at producing Pokémon plushies, especially in Japan, but if there’s any ‘mon that deserves more attention it’s gen 1′s gentleman’s favourite, Growlithe. All together now: D’aw!
Source: DeviantArt (Commission)

Ganon plush from Zelda by Tavington

We thought about Andross, but he’s just a floating head really and there isn’t much remorse available for him – aside from aiding dental research and starring in Colgate adverts – so we plumped for Ganon as the obligatory ‘because you can hug the evil out of him!’ Plush. Look at Mr. Grumpy Face! Mr. Grumpy Face want a hug? Yes ‘ee does!
Source: Deviantart (commission) 

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Oh and before we go… We thought ‘they should make a Trubbish plush! Surely they wouldn’t have done that yet?’ But it turns out they did. In Japan. And we’d already played the ‘but Japan isn’t here’ card too many times already to include him in the five. BANPRESTOOOOOOOOOO!