tetris banner

Tetris 3DS Review

Tetris is now available on the eShop at a new reduced price, snag this little gem today!


Monday Music – Zelda Metal Medley

An impressive Asian guitarist, the headless chap creates artistic beauty with his metal rendition of Kaepora Gaebora’s theme and the Song of Storms.

Rayman Legends banner

Rayman Legends Challenge App Week 1

So the Rayman Legends Challenge App launched last week. Our sedative after Ubi got all worried and held back the limbless wonder from Wii U owners’ hungry hands simply so they could release it on every other platform as well. Did it work? Like a charm.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review

Stop asking why. Why? Because Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is as it is, ok? Why? Because it’s been like this for a while and it’s doing pretty well for itself. Why? Because its often veiled face encourages communication, learning, understanding and mastery, that’s ‘why’.

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Luigi’s Mansion 2 Review

Luigi is a bit like David Bowie, really. Lanky, unpredictable, looks good with feathered hair. Therefore it’s unsurprising, given the clear cosmic connection the two share, that both are releasing long-overdue comebacks this year, 2013. The year of The Odd Ones.